Sunday, June 10, 2012


Blogger Hadrien said...


are you the maker of Fishing with Spinoza ? It's so brilliantly written ! I regularly pass it on to my animation fellows. Also, very cool drawing style; the weekly dark sketches rock.

Adios !

2:43 AM  
Blogger Gu├ílter , el conejo said...


8:36 PM  
Blogger beebee said...

Are you ever afraid of posting your art on the internet? How do you make sure others can't steal it and use it for themselves? I'm considering putting up some more art on my blog, but I wonder if I'll regret it!

4:00 PM  
Blogger Bono said...

Arts always should be spreading everywhere because everything is art. Arts makes everyone happy rather than afraid.


5:43 AM  
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Blogger Ratu Angeli said...

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Blogger viji said...

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